Our Principles

These are the standards to which we adhere…

Commit 100%, when you can

We understand that life comes first. We expect players to prioritize their lives according to what’s most important to them. If you can’t be at a troupe activity, simply allow adequate notice.

But, if you’re attending a troupe function, then you’re expected to be 100% committed.

Defer to the host

We rotate hosting so that everyone is “in charge” of the troupe. Whichever player is hosting that week is empowered to create the best show they can, whatever that means.

Supporting players are to trust the host’s vision.

Always punch up

Always be aware of the direction your joke is heading. Jokes shouldn’t be made at the expense of anyone with less privilege than the one making the joke.

Take the note

We don’t have a dedicated coach, so we take it upon ourselves and trusted people around us to make sure we’re doing the best we can. When we receive notes regarding our choices we trust the people giving them are doing so with the best intentions. Take the note without argument.

Support your costars

When given the choice between making yourself look good, and making your fellow players look good, we normally opt for the latter.

Recognize your privilege

Understand what inherent benefits your life has bestowed upon you, and try to use them in ways to benefit the people around you.